Automobile sector is using 3D printing technology from very early stage and now its using its increasing with the time.               Many automobile manufacturer are using 3d printing technology to produce prototypes and spare parts. 3D printing offers automobile industry advantage of producing complex parts at lower price over traditional manufacturing technique(For low volume production). We provide 3D printing services in Pune and Aurangabad to many automobile manufactures so that they can save the cost, time, and efforts.


Aesthetics and insulation are very important aspect of any electronic product aprt from its functioning. While the product is in development stage it is very expensive to make custom casing using traditional methods. Alternatively developer has to compromise on either aesthetics or size of the product. We provide prototyping service for those developers to make product specific casing. It is advised to use 3D printing techniques for low volume production.

Product Development

Among various aspects of product development time to market, look and feel of the product and cost are the key aspects. Our 3D printing services assist you to reduce time to market. We are the team of engineers which enables you to make more and more iterations in less time. Prototyping using 3D printing not only save time but also cost as well.


Many educational institutes are using 3D printing to create various educational models which help student to understand the concept. 3D printing is a tool to improve student’s creativity. Technical students are using 3D printing technology for completing their academic projects. Techniket Technologies encourages the student by providing training and special discount to them.


Majority of the manufacturing is using casting. Pattern making is the initial and most important step in casting process. While pattern making involves lots of manual work which are susceptible to errors. 3D printing eliminates human error as these are completely automatic machines. This allows the pattern maker to create the pattern in the matter of hours without compromising with cost and quality.


Scaled model created by 3D printing services provided by Techniket Technology not only provide accurate understanding of the structure but also enable the designer to experiment with the space available and hence architect can perform iterations regarding the furniture and all other aesthetics as well as structural parts.


In various critical situations where 3D CT scan shows some data but doctors could not come to exact conclusion and get enough confidence about the surgery. 3D printing technology provide a solution over it. A prototype according to the CT scan data can be made. Doctors can perform dummy surgery and reduce the actual surgery time. There are examples where doctors can avoid further surgeries and even success rate also increases


Whether it is theatrical play or cinema actors uses various props to enhance audience’s experience. Many of the props can be found ready in the market but there are some which are unique to the script and can’t be found in the market. And lack of these affect audience’s experience. We provide 3D printing service which can provide props in different material. Our post processing facility provides finishing touches which can enhance user experience.